Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It was a Church Fellowship - a group of Church families that are campers spent time camping together Oct. 1 - 4 09. There were many wonderful experiences that will be cherished... I don't think I will forget the moving experiences of our friend Tom Hassell...ask him about the reception. Tom and Sandra camped at Piney Grove Campground in North Mississippi on September 29, had a very nice camp site, but wanted to try another. Moving to a new location, settled down and all though he would be there. No! They moved two more times, gaining the movers club. Several of the First Christian Church members that are campers decided to take a weekend off and camp out together for fellowship and relaxation. Indeed the fellowship was wonderful, and interesting, the way everybody jumped in and helped with the chores made one think about the early churches mentioned in Acts 2. Everybody pitched in together doing the chores. We all enjoyed Bubba and Virginia Pratt's efforts in hosting the community meals. Bubba, that fish fry was one of the best. Not just because the fish were from your local catch, but that you all knew how to make the meal go off without any complaints.

After the meals, everybody would just sit around and visit, play table games, and simply enjoy each other’s company, fellowship of the believers.

Some notes from my Journal: Several days back Tom H. and Freddie W. mentioned to me that they were thinking about a camping trip and asked me if Jan and I would be interested. Yes, in fact we were so very excited to be included in the camping plans.

Several of the FCC Friends began to put together the camping plan. Virginia and Bubba Pratt were asked to organize the activities, and wow! They exceeded every expectation! Virginia and Bubba thank you for your efforts, and most of all the fellowship love you shared.

The following came and either camped in motor homes, campers, pop-ups and tents: Tom & Sandra Hassell, Sunny & Dot Cole, Freddie & Wanda White, Bubba & Virginia Pratt & Lena & Logan, William & Gloria Mears, Adam & Tabitha & Kalianna Russell, Ron & Liz Bradley, Mitch & Jan Decanter, Maria & Ames Hughes.

On Wednesday September 30th Jan and Mitch were able to head out to Piney Grove at about 1:30 PM. I was forced to wait and do some legal photography for an Attorney, which I did not mind, so MS. Jan did the last minute packing. We arrived at Piney Grove at about 2:45 P.M. and after finding a wonderful spot to pitch our tent, we started the set up. We unpacked the tent from its bag, and the adventure began. We had 10,500, 251 ants nested in the tent. So the term “overcome” came into my head. I grabbed a broom, which Jan had loaded in the SUV and I did not understand why, and began to sweep off ants one fold at a time. MS. Jan said they bite, so I told her; well don’t let them get on you! We were able to sweep off all those ants in about 30 minutes and finished setting up the camp.

MS Jan had insisted that we buy a folding bed which gets the bed off the ground, so we installed that in the tent, and also a small table with chairs, giving up a bedroom with a small office for reading and such. Overall the tent setup was fine until we had to pack it up in the rain Sunday morning.

Oct. 1 09, all of the campers made sure that campers, motor homes and tents were secured for high winds. The storm hit around 2:30 P.M. and no one had any problems.

This camping experience was a blessing to everyone. We had plenty of food, fellowship, fun and games. Also, on Sunday morning we had a small church service. Tom shared communion mediation, and Freddie White did a sermon. We all then started departing and going our different directions... Seems that most were sad that the experience was ending.

By: Mitch DeCanter

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