Saturday, July 25, 2009


Here in North Mississippi during July the temperatures with very hot humpty can drain every once of energy from the most solid man. It was one of those type of days, where I did not have much office work going on, so with excitement Jan and I grabbed tools and headed to the great oak tree area. Sadly, the area around the tree had grown up with undergrowth. We started chopping, sawing, and loading the truck until there was no more room. The first day within 2 hours, we were spent and crumbled into a tub of cool water to cool down. We were sore and tired, but the next day we finished the task. After getting all the tools back to their resting place, we stood back and observed “The Great Oak Tree” with new eyes that had trouble in comprehending the size of the great oak. Over whelmed we grabbed the 25 foot tape measurer. Ms Jan held the end of the tape at about 36 inches from the ground, while I went around the great tree. I was amazed when I realized the circumference to be 133 inched. This ended up being a wow moment, a moment that caused one to think of th time the great oak has given its shade’ stood against the wind, rain, hot and cold, yet it seems to say, it is OK, I am at peace, enjoy what I am giving you, accept your life and your freedom

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